Meet Colin

I have lived in the City of Chicago for 13 years and in the communities of the 31st Ward for the past 8 years. I have volunteered my time to make these communities a better place.

Colin Bird-Martinez lives in Hermosa with his husband Joshua, their two cats Roy and Max, and a dachshund, Frankie. Working as an automotive analyst and a volunteer community organizer, Colin has called Chicago home for over a decade.

Colin grew up in a household that espoused the values of hard work and social wellbeing. His father, a carpenter, and his mother, an artist, taught him that a community can only succeed when there is a deep sense of belonging through strong relationships and shared values.

Neighborhood Involvement

Colin’s involvement in our ward runs deep with over 4,000 hours spent volunteering for local organizations, events, and projects

In 2014, Colin co-founded Hermosa Neighborhood Association to bring about positive change in the community, serving as the president and a board member from 2014 to 2018. During this time, HNA held countless public events to help inform area residents, advocated for affordable housing in new developments, and secured upgrades to vital local infrastructure.

Supporting Our Schools

Colin has served as an active member of the Local School Council (LSC) for William P. Nixon Elementary School in Hermosa since 2015

As an LSC member, Colin is highly attentive to the needs and concerns of families attending Nixon Elementary, helping raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for school improvement. He has seen first-hand how schools with large vulnerable populations are routinely targeted for divestment, and has advocated for Nixon directly to CPS officials and city leaders.

Movement Building

Colin is a committed advocate for political reform as a member of progressive political organizations seeking change at all levels of government

Here in our ward, Colin founded the 31st Ward Independent Political Organization to help local residents fight back against government corruption and the local machine politics that continue to plague Chicago. He is also a proud member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and Reclaim Chicago.