Community Support

Colin is proud to have the support of neighbors and groups throughout our ward and city

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I support Colin because he has been an integral part of the community and the Hermosa Neighborhood Association. His leadership at HNA is reflected throughout the community with the addition of the safety island on Fullerton and Keystone and pushing for -- and securing -- a community playground. I'm happy to call him my neighbor and friend.


Juan Carlos

I’m a lifelong Hermosa resident and I support Colin because in a short amount of time he has helped build a bridge between community and our area elected officials. He has kept our elected officials accountable. Seeing his dedication to the community shows he is the person for the people of the 31st Ward!



I support Colin because he is driven to make a difference in our community. He has inspired me to get involved and to do more for the people of Hermosa.


The Cepedas

Dinora, Sol, and Genaro

We support Colin because we truly believe in his commitment to this community. Colin is a hardworking, intelligent, and loving neighbor. He is always looking out for us and the community, with a deep concern for our community schools.



I support Colin because he represents and espouses the diversity of our community and demonstrates an unwavering commitment to our Hermosa neighborhood, and to the 31st Ward.



I support Colin because he has shown and proven multiple times that he has a deep care for the community. I, a lifelong Hermosan, fully believe he is the person to help our community into the future.


Danny and Ondina

We support Colin because he has the passion and desire to serve the community in the best way he knows how. He is a model neighbor.

Logan Square


I support Colin because he has a proven track record of tirelessly working to uplift the voices of the people in of the ward. Through his work as a founder of the Hermosa Neighborhood Association, and as a member of the local school council, Colin has led multiple initiatives to bring lasting change to our community, making it safer, and more beautiful, and a better place to live. Colin has proven that he has the tools and experience needed to bring people together to fight for what is best for the 31st Ward.

Logan Square


I was drawn to Colin and his city council campaign because of his passionate and steadfast support for the students, teachers, and staff of Chicago Public Schools. From pre-K to post-grad, Colin is a knowledgeable and effective advocate for education in every corner our city. He brings many innovative policy proposals to the table, while remaining a reliable and committed defender of union educators.



I've supported Colin since he moved to Hermosa years ago. He's been a great help in our community. He's helping to maintain the community through clean-and-greens and he's been a big help at our local community school.

Logan Square


I'm supporting Colin Bird-Martinez because, as a resident of the 31st Ward, I know firsthand the problems we face and I believe Colin is a progressive force that would be an incredible asset to our community. He isn't afraid to make waves in order to get things done. He's not here to advantage himself. He is here because he knows and loves the residents and thinks about the community first.



I'm supporting Colin Bird-Martinez because he is a community leader that I know will fight hard to make government work for all of the city's residents, not just the wealthy few.



As someone who has lived in the community for over a decade, I support Colin because I believe he has strong qualities that will benefit our ward. These qualities include leadership skills, artistic vision, excellent communication, motivation, and an inclusive, understanding personality that will help our ward be a safer and more positive place to live.