In the first place I like airports and airplanes.

A few overseas trips of I.

A few overseas trips of I. Still, still a lot of memories that are engraved in my mind. One of them is ""Canada"", which I made as ""honeymoon"" one year after marriage. Already, every single one is irreplaceable memory. It was a strong trip with many connections, but it was comfortable why. I got in from the Kansai International Airport ""Air Canada"". What a beautiful red maple painted on the tail! However, it was my first time traveling by airplane for over 5 hours. Moreover, it is a foreign airplane .... I had quite a bit of anxiety. If that is the case then let's have it! It is! Otto beside ""... ... head thai ..."" Wow, are you feeling ill in the airplane? Is it? Is it? Stop it. I instructed a cowardly flight attendant, Otto's ups and downs. The flight attendant responded instantly with a smile, headache medicine and water. He also brought me a blanket. After that, you came to ask me how many times .... It is already ""Air Canada Saigo"" at this point. The meal was delicious, too. It was also exciting for me to pass the first date change line. Still, after all, the flight of over 8 hours tires exhausted. When I arrived at Vancouver, I was really busy. But the scenery which spread out when I looked at the window suddenly forced the tiredness to somewhere. blue sea. Beautiful cityscape. The casual residential area is very nice. And then arrived at Vancouver Airport. It was overwhelmed by its breadth. However, it is really comfortable to the body that its spacious feeling shrunk inside the cabin. The feeling of air is very similar to the northern country where I am living, and I remember feeling relieved while staying in a foreign country somehow. It was really sad to go to other areas at once by transfer! It is! It is Daisuki, airport number 1 I want to go again. Otto said that this trip was ""getting on and off tedious and exhausted,"" but for me it was a very welcome trip. Originally I love airplanes and at the airport's observation deck for hours how long it is OK to plant Musco ""Why do you do airport related work?"" When the children grow up ... I want to do such a trip again. Move OK! It is! Transit OK! It is! I guess I will be hated by OK Ot getting on an airplane.

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