In the first place I like airports and airplanes.

I have been traveling since long ago and used airplanes of course for trav...

I have been traveling since long ago and used airplanes of course for traveling abroad. Since I lived in Sapporo then I first left New Chitose and departed from Narita via Haneda or departed directly from Kansai Airport. Both my current husband and I became a long distance romance, I came every month with him in Osaka, so I used to use New Chitose Airport frequently. Waiting time before boarding I like to watch the nonbill airplane depart and arrive. New Chitose in winter was flying as it flew in the snow It looked like an airplane turned into a picture and it got it. However, sometimes it will be snowing too much and it will be troubled for the flight to be canceled, but ... Kansai Air Nation is also large in size, passenger aircraft all over the world frequently departing and arriving so that we will go overseas just by staying It was fun to taste a sense of excitement. Five years ago, when I departed from Kansai in order to raise a wedding ceremony in Hawaii, it is now a funny story that the typhoon was approaching, the airplane was not easily fleeing due to poor maintenance, being hooked up in Kansai. My favorite passenger plane is a big jumbo jet. After all it has power. Although it is not now anymore, I really liked that aircraft, the design of which was once in the tail wings of the crane was Japanese. It is really sad despair. I will be traveling to my husband and Paris again next month. I am very much looking forward to being able to get on airplanes while traveling.

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